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  • When a design is described as “all embroidery”, it only uses thread sewn onto the garment to produce the artwork, no patches involved.

  • Frequently used for detailed artwork, logos, lines of text and more.

  • Due to the use of threads gradients, blending, and shading will not turn out like it does on a screen. Solid colors are strongly recommended.


  • Sheets of fabric twill cut according to the design.

  • Available in single layered or double layered designs.

  • Available in zig-zag or satin stitching (outline). (More below)

  • Commonly used for athletic/greek organizations for their letters, nicknames, and semesters.

  • Also known as “applique” or “tackle twill”

Single Layered Patches

  • A patch stitched on to the garment with no background

Double Layered Patches

  • A background layer is sewn on the garment first, then the letter itself creating a double layered effect.

  • This option is the most popular choice.

Zigzag Stitching (Patches)

  • Refers to the stitching securing the patch onto the garment, using a column of stitching spaced apart.

  • Most common and default option.

Satin Stitching (Patches)

  • Refers to the stitching securing the patch onto the garment, using a very dense   parallel column of stitching with no spacing in between.

  • Creates a eye catching outline around the patch(s).

Letter Color (Patches)

  • This is the color of the topmost layer when looking at double layered patches.

  • Also known as “foreground color”

Background Color (Patches)

  • The border and bottom layer in a two layered patch design.


  • The process of rendering an image or design into an embroidery file.


  • Using a layer of foam and satin stitching in the shape of the design; this technique creates a puffy and 3D look.

  • Commonly used on hats for a bold look.

Large Embroidery

  • Refers to embroidery under the letters and lower back embroideries. Typically embroideries more than 7 inches in width.

Small Embroidery

  • Refers to embroidery on the hood, sleeves, left or right chest area, anything less than 6 inches in width.

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