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Embroidery is a professional, durable and long-lasting method of bringing your design to life. This technique allows for a crisp and 3-D finish, making it the most sophisticated choice for your brand. Embroidering your design is the ideal option for branding any business, Greek organization, and school clubs.


Tackle twill is the most popular and affordable option used by sports teams, Greek organizations and school clubs. It is the process of sewing
pre-cut pieces of material to the garment of your choice. With the option of adding multiple layers, you are able to create a bold 3-D affect on your custom product.


Once artwork is submitted for an order, a professional in-house digitizer reviews placement, sizing and color before converting it into an embroidery file. Using our expertise, necessary changes are suggested to our customers for the best final product.


Screen Printing is the technique of pressing ink onto fabric using a customized stencil or silk screen, resulting in a more light-weight product. This method allows for quick turn-around time with the ability to incorporate high-end designs with shading and gradient.