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Design guideline

Design Guidelines / Helpful Tips

  • Include all the details

    • Commonly overlooked details are size and color of apparel, location of design, color of embroideries, color(s) of patches, embroidery fonts, nickname fonts.

    • Please state specific colors because there are multiple golds, blues, etc. (Yellow Gold, Metallic Gold, Light Gold).

    • Orders may be delayed if details are missing from an order.

    Varsity is all caps

    • Our most commonly used font for nicknames is “Varsity”, which is all capitalized.

    • Please be sure to specify a different font (Accidental Presidency, Impact, Rockwell Bold) if the nickname is case-sensitive.

    Script Fonts

    • Good for lowercase or first letter capitalized phrases.

    • If a script phrase is all capitalized, IT WILL LOOK LIKE THIS.

    Orientation is when worn

    • Using a line jacket as an example, the left side of the front would be over your heart. This applies to the sleeves as well.

    • The side the crest and the side the letters go on, as well as the sides of the class/semesters on the sleeves vary by organization and chapter, so please make sure to clarify which side is which.

    Greek Class Orientation

    • Please make sure to specify the orientation of the greek letters for the class sleeve.

    Design Placement

    • As long as the general location of the design (i.e left chest) is specified we will take care of the rest.

    • Any special placement requests must be noted.

    Design Sizing

    • We have in-house sizing for all the options we offer, taking into account the amount of workable sewing area we have to use as well as other designs that may be stitched on the apparel.

    • If you would like to specify a specific size feel free to specify otherwise we will default to our in-house sizing.

    • We use 4” greek letters, 2.5” nicknames, 8” backs and 2” sleeves for our double layered patches.

    • Embroidered text will be sized by us on a case by case basis, considering the font used, location and other designs sewn on.

    Patch Colors

    • A common mistake is flipping the foreground and background patches when specified, and sometimes resulting in the garment and background color being the same.

    Small Designs / Logos

    • Very intricate and detailed designs with multiple colors will require a large area to sew on.

    • 5 inches - 2 inches will be fine for complex detail, smaller than that will be judged on a case by case basis.

    Large Designs (Back)

    • Gradients, shades, and blending will not look the way it does on a screen vs embroidery. Sticking to designs with clear outlines and solid colors will produce the best results.

    • Designs are priced based on the amount of stitches or area it has, as well as the number of colors used.

    • Customers looking to reduce the price of a design may want to stick with designs between 1 to 5 colors.

    Color Contrast

    • Using contrasting color in a design can help make the details really shine.

    • Make sure to consider the garment color when deciding on contrasting colors.