Greek apparel

MKC Threads is an officially licensed Greek apparel vendor. Providing our services in the best interest of your organization. We are committed to complying with the Greek Licensing requirements. We are dedicated in ensuring that all orders made fall within the terms of the trademark holder.

As experts in the Greek apparel industry for many years, we at MKC Threads hold ourselves to a very high standard when it comes to Greek letters and paraphernalia. We have perfected the art of making Greek apparel, paying close attention to small details often overlooked by our competitors.  Details including character spacing, sizing, and contour sizing helps us ensure that ALL our apparel comes out looking sleek, neat, and perfect.

Our team is comprised of members of various Greek organizations. This means we know what it is like to be in a fraternity or sorority, and all the various applications you will need for customized apparel.  Whether it be for rush, crossing, or gifts for your little sister or brother, we aim to offer the highest quality products, while making the ordering process effortless for you. 

When you place an order through us, we take deadlines very seriously. We know firsthand how stressful it can be; having to plan events only to have the apparel vendor fall through or not deliver on time, and we make every effort to never have that happen to any of our customers. You can confidently order with us, knowing that your item(s) will arrive when you need it.

We also can accommodate all group orders, with discounts being available for group orders that follow similar formats or design colors. For more information about our custom Greek apparel services, please contact us through e-mail or facebook and we will gladly assist you.