Foil printing adds an extra reflective shine to your designs by adding a metallic finish that is not achievable with standard screen printing. This heat pressing technique involves heat, pressure, and metallic sheets in order to achieve end results. The two-step process of applying foil is simple and can last for a very long time when applied and taken care of properly. The application of foil to your design will give your order a unique and shiny.

Advantages of Foil Printing

The foiling printing process does not involve any ink to be used, instead, the use of heat and pressure allows for the foil to be applied. Heat and pressure allow for the foil design to stand out amongst other designs.

Foil printing enhances the visual appeal with its shiny prints. The high gloss metallic print produces an eye-catching impact. A variety of laminations can be produced with the use of foil sheets that differ in compositions and thickness. 

Foil is available in a numerous amount of colors allowing for full customization. Common foil colors include silver and gold, however, there are many additional options. Colors can range from simple to more complex. Foils are also available in shiny or matte finishes.