Embroidery is the technique of creating designs on apparel with a series of stitches using needle and thread. Machines stitch out digitized designs through our advanced embroidery software.

Various Types of Application:


Standard = cross stitch = default (show picture example)

Standard = varsity = all caps = default font

Examples of single layered vs double layered patches.

Examples of patches vs straight embroidery (Can use stoles as example maybe)

Fonts - case sensitive fonts

Scripts and all caps mistakes


What kind of thread do we use?

  • There are two main types of threads used in embroidery, rayon and polyester. At MKC Threads we use Madeira’s polyneon threads. Polyneon thread is made 100% out of polyester and constructed in a way where looping, puckering and thread breaks are eliminated. This type of thread is extremely durable and smooth, leaving a shiny finish when embroidered. With the wide range of thread colors offered, our customers are able to choose vibrant colors that suit their designs.

How durable is embroidery?

  • An advantage to embroidery is it is exceptionally long lasting. Embroidery is able to stand repeated wash cycles without the fear of your design falling apart. With the durability of embroidery, it is possible for the garment itself to suffer from wear and tear before the embroidery does.

Do we offer tackle twill or specialty fabrics?

What kind of designs / images are best for embroidery?

  • For the best results when it comes to designs and images, the use of realistic photos, gradients and shading, and thin lines should be avoided. When embroidering a design or image it is best to have solid colors with thick clear lines for detail and legibility. Our machines are unable to transition from one color thread to another, resulting in the need for solid colors. Images that are too detailed will need to be recreated for embroidery to be possible, small details can be difficult to show when it comes to embroidery. Our goal is to make your design or image as detailed and clean as possible.

What are the color limitations for embroidery?

  • We understand that your design might consist of multiple colors. Dependent on the size of your design, we recommend limiting the amount of colors used in order to create the best quality design. If the desired image is less than 5 inches, the amount of colors should be no more than 5. For designs larger than 5 inches, the amount of colors possibly used can go up to 15. Prices for designs / images are reflected by the amount of colors used. Some designs are more expensive due to the number of colors used and the stitch count.


  • We will use our standard sizing per application, unless otherwise stated.

    • Note: Some size requests cannot be fulfilled due to item / hoop constraints.

  • Location of designs will be our standard locations, unless otherwise stated. Unconventional locations may be subject to extra charge.

  • Patch sizing for general greek applications will be our standard sizing - otherwise subject to extra charge.