MKC Threads


Design Guidelines


Embroidery pricing is based on a variety of factors, including stitch count, design size, number of colors, and complexity of the design. Minimizing number of colors used as well as decreasing the size can drastically lower the price of a design.


Embroidery is most suitable for designs with solid colors and clear color separation. Designs with gradients and shading are difficult to reproduce properly in embroidery and not recommended.

Keep in mind the apparel color when choosing design colors, dark colors will not be as vibrant on dark apparel, and vice versa. Choosing contrasting colors will help the design be as visible as possible.

Colors are limited by the thread available and we will select the thread that is the closest match to the colors in the design. We cannot guarantee a 1:1 color match.


Please keep in mind the design sizing when choosing a design. Small designs (4 inches or smaller) will be unable to support complex details or very thin lines. Complex designs are recommended to be no less than 7-8 inches in height.